Investor Relations

Communication towards investors is increasingly important

In the era of digitalization, it is easier than ever to screen large amounts of companies, both for large and small investors. This is why financial communication, both toward potential investors and current shareholders, is increasingly important.

Professional IR helps companies with visibility, increasing the interest among potential investors. With a clear communication strategy and a thoughtful message, a company will gain trust on the market.

Investor Target

We are experts at presenting financial messages and with strategic communication satisfying current shareholders. We offer a wide array of individual services, as well as complete solutions to all your IR needs.

Our services include:

  • Investor targeting
  • IR-strategy
  • Press releases
  • Interim reports
  • Investor marketing
  • Shareholder services
  • Investor and capital events
  • Webb, newsletters and social media

Professional IR

By presenting your financial message in a way that is clear to investors and the market as a whole, we, as an independent consultant, create value for your business and your share. Further, professional communication, presented at the right time, helps minimize volatility in your share price and increases the likelihood of an increased share price.

Navigating trading rules, insider trading rapports, and MAR is already a heavy burden for the person in charge. By using an external consultant, you will avoid being locked up with regulatory questions, allowing you to focus more time on your core business.