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Custom made

Some have a solid grasp of press releases and quarterly reports, but need help with marketing to investors, newsletters and annual reports. Some are the other way around.

Investor Target offers a smorgasbord of services and tailors optimal solutions to each client’s needs. Everything from overall responsibility for Investor Relations to sounding board and support with the parts where the client lacks time to do it themselves.

Quarterly reports

Compilation of quarterly reports incl. production of CEO word, other texts and graphic design.

Annual report

Project management, copy and design – we can produce your entire annual report.

Investor meetings

We produce our own investor meetings, but also offer participation in other types of capital market days.

IR strategy

Production of complete IR strategy and communication plan as well as ongoing production, advice and follow-up.

Rights issue pages

Aggregated information about the issue as well as articles and investment case that clarify why you should invest.

Press releases

Engaging press releases that attract investors according to the predefined tone and communication strategy.

Report comment

Present quarterly reports in video presentation to investors. Moderated with Q&A.


The Between Reports™ newsletter creates a platform to engage shareholders and stakeholders between quarterly reports as well as facilitate future capital raising.​

IR report

Quarterly reports showing ownership changes, which significant owners bought or sold your company’s shares, new owners and shareholder analysis.​

Graphic design

Of quarterly reports, annual reports, company presentations and more.

Investment case

Creation of an investment case for the company that explains why one should become a shareholder in your company.

Rights issue marketing

Complete solution for a successful issue campaign with project management, purchasing of media, copy, layout, video and more.

Digital general meeting

Digital general meetings including hybrid solutions and intelligent voting function that counts votes live by share type and number. ​

IR web

Comprehensive solution for attractive IR web and search engine optimization. Let your potential customers and investors come to you. ​

Content & social media

We conduct interviews, set up measurement points and milestones and create a basis for increased communication with investors and the market, including through social media.

And more…

In addition to the above, we and our partners offer, among other things, analysis, Certified Advisor, studio presentations, presentation technique training, tools for easy production of quarterly reports and annual reports, MAR counseling as well as risk and crisis management and more.

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