Capital Raising

We help you get
through the noise

Today it can be hard for investors to find the right investment opportunities through all the noise. Succeeding with capital raising boils down to successfully presenting the potential of your
company to the market.

We, at Investor Target, present your company in a way that grows the interest of your stock and clearly explains the attractiveness of your offer – increasing the likelihood of a successful share issue or IPO.

Investor Target

We, at Investor Target, help you identify and attract the right investors. Further, we make sure to present your offer in a way that grows interest and explains the attractiveness of your company. Through developed relationships within financial media, we ensure your offer is presented in the most relevant places, at the most relevant time.

Our services include:

  • Investor targeting
  • Communication strategy
  • Prospectus and teaser production
  • Investor events
  • Investor marketing
  • Contact with investment banks
  • Active management support during the entire process

Communcation during Capital Raising

The stories of successful companies previously failing to secure capital are many. Often the reason was the inability to communicate with investors. A strategy identifying the type of investor wanted and a plan to attract them, is the foundation of a successful share issue or IPO.

Communicating during capital raising is not only a way to present an offer to investors, it is also an opportunity for a companies to present themselves as professional and trustworthy toward customers.